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Version 1.10.05

Changes: • Added French UI localization. • G-6: fixed a bug with the location of depth charges. We are very grateful to Sylvain Torres for assistance in translation into French.

Version 1.10.04 and free premium account

General changes: • The speed of torpedoes has been reduced by 20%. • Increased firing accuracy in long-range artillery mode. Experience and silver costs were revised for all heavy artillery ships. Weapons modifications: • The damage is increased from 15 […]

Premium Account enabled for the whole weekend!

Ahoy! All players who have logged before 15:00 (GMT) will be given a premium account until 00:00 (GMT) February 13th! Those players who already have an active premium account will get an extension. To remind – Premium Account provides extra […]

GunFleet on Steam

GunFleet is now available to everyone on Steam. Thanks for the support! To support this event, we offer 35% discount on all gold packages bought via Steam. Discount is available to all platforms, as Steam client supports login via GunFleet […]

Version 1.10.02

General changes: • New Premium unit – German submersible torpedo boat VS-5 – is now available. • Visual detection range of all heavy ships is now aligned with the medium ships – average range increase is 5-10%. • Dock chat […]

Version 1.10.01

Changes: • Fixed several keyboard controls and button remapping issues. • Fixed weapon display/selection order in HUD. • Localization fixes.

Version 1.10.00

General changes: • All heavy ships now have torpedo detection ability. The radius of torpedo detection equals to ship’s deckhouse visual detection range. • Added keyboard controls customization. • Japanese 530 mm torpedoes damage was reduced from 615/798 (silver / […]

GunFleet got greenlit on Steam

We did it! GunFleet got greenlit on Steam! Many thanks to everyone who voted for us – your support is indispensable! We will announce the Early Access date later, when we sort out all platform integration issues.

GunFleet in Steam Greenlight!

Hello! We launched a Steam Greenlight campaign so that everyone who wants to see GunFleet on Steam, could vote. We need your suppot more than ever! Please visit the link and leave your vote! Best regards, GunFleet team.

Version 1.09.03

Version 1.09.03 Changelist: • AFP D: RAG 86 launcher with rockets and depth charges ammo become available for research. • Fixed localization bugs.