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    Observed from game to game, there is a huge, critical silver shortage. The developers have said that later tiers make games more “risky.” Well, why would a casual player advance in the game if they knew a bad game would lose them 70 thousand silver in a Tier 5? I’m not a bad a player, i’m o.k. But grinding my Schnellboot 40, I get (without premium) 3k+ silver for a game i’ve won, sometimes 10k+ or more… and then I lose 15k, that’s only a few bad matches or a good match – that’s okay. But once I start facing tier 5 over tier 5, wendel over wendel, sub-majority team over sub-majority team… it really builds up. I had 700k, ended up with 620k just trying to get my sonar so I can sort of spot submarines. That’s not good, especially for new players that haven’t played for a long time and are somehow going in the red with their silver.

    Additionally, mediums are more torpedo bait than anything. One lucky Wal 4 or TKA Pr. 200 can immediately end a german or russian medium, taking off 16k+ STRAIGHT off their wallets. This might be okay if it was once in a blue moon, but the sub spam is still intense and you see more tier 5 lights than you do anything else. I’m sure you can even see these in your little analytics you have laying around.

    And heavies? Good GOD heavies! Who in the world decided it was a good idea to have a shell cost as much as a torpedo? 1000 silver at tier 2. Assuming it stays that, you’re going to be firing two shells just to get accurate enough to actually aim. That’s two early torpedoes, one later tier. And another one. That’s two. You keep chipping, three, four, and he moves… you do another adjustment shot – five, again, six, seven, eight. Spot another heavy? Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…. This ain’t cheap !

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