What is GunFleet?

GunFleet is a multiplayer action game for PC inspired by mosquito fleets of the First and Second World Wars. Dynamic battles in various parts of the world – from the Arctic to the tropical islands – between fleets of mini-submarines, torpedo boats and armored river monitors. Currently Gunfleet is at the stage of open beta testing.

Do I need to buy the game?

No, the game is free, with optional purchases. We are planning to follow “free to win” approach, where paid content does not affect the player’s chance to win or progress.

Is it possible to play the game without an Internet connection?

No, the game requires an always-on Internet connection.

How many players can join the battle?

Currently it is up to 7 players in each fleet, 14 players total.

Can I form squads with my friends?

Yes. To create a squad, you should right-click the player’s nickname and select the corresponding option. Currently squad consists of up to 3 players, depending on whether squad leader has a premium account.

What units are available in the game?

Currently we group the unit by 4 nations: USSR, Germany, USA and Japan. There are following ship types: river monitors, gunboats, torpedo boats, mini-submarines.

How to unlock a specific ship?

You should research all the star-marked modules on the previous ship. The next step is to accumulate the necessary amount of experience to research the desired ship. After researching the ship you can simply buy the ship for silver.

Can I sell my ships?

Yes. Right-click the ship icon and select the desired option.

What are consumables?

In combat, any ship module can become critically damaged, any compartment can catch fire or become flooded after the torpedo hit. To fix, put fires or patch the hull you should have proper consumables aboard: repair kit, fire extinguisher or a hull patch. Ship’s consumables stock can be refilled by visiting the “Service” tab. Before decisive battles, do not forget to equip your ship with everything you need!

Is it possible to fire a salvo from all the guns?

At the moment, it is impossible, but it is possible to turn all guns in one direction while holding the G key.

How to dive and surface in a submarine?

Dive – F, Surface – R.

Is there a target locking or lead indicator?

Yes, we have target locking for guns and lead indicator for torpedoes. You should keep the target in sights and press the right mouse button.

Torpedoes don’t seem like they do enough damage. Why?

In GunFleet we try to balance between realism and playability. The damage from torpedoes is decreased as the inevitable measure to balance the gameplay. We believe that instakill torpedoes and realistically limited torpedo quantity (1-2 torpedoes on most of the ships in the game) would substantially harm the gameplay.

What you can buy in the game for real money?

Firstly you can buy gold – the in-game currency that can be spent to buy a premium account, premium consumables, equipment, to speed-up the game progress and to customize the looks of your ship. Over time, we plan to make most premium items available for in-game progress – and now you can earn gold in-game, by completing different tasks.

What if I forgot the account password or want to change it?

In this case use the “Lost Your Password?” link.